Text Analysis

I am principal investigator of a project that collects and analyzes leader speeches (primarily of EU prime ministers) as part of the EU-ENGAGE project. This is paid for by a Horizon 2020 research grant. We have now collected over 18,000 speeches from leaders of 10 different countries in approximately the period 2007-2015. The goal is to track issue attention and sentiment over time. When do leaders talk more or less about the economy, and how much sentiment is conveyed in these speeches?

In this project I cooperate with Martijn Schoonvelde (postdoc VU), Tanushree Dahiya & Erik de Vries (student-assistants UvA).



We are preparing a working paper for the MPSA Annual Conference (April 2016).


Amsterdam Text Analysis Conference

Click here for the Text Analysis Conference website.


Text Analysis Lectures Series

How to acquire and use data such as mass media content, speeches, press releases, website, social media, etc. that is now massively available through the web? In this lecture series scholars from the fields of communication sciences, political science, psychology and computer science will present findings from automated text analyses techniques that use that data and explain how to do it yourself.

We will have 6 meetings covering diverse topics as frame analysis, sentiment analysis, topic models, machine learning and scaling models. We cater to absolute beginners who like to know more as well as to advanced users who would like to expand their network and pick up new tricks for other users.

All our meetings end with drinks! Our goal is to knit a tighter and hopefully broader community of automated text analysis users in Amsterdam and surroundings.


Schedule & Location

All meetings are from 3-5 PM at the UvA-REC followed by BORREL (drinks)!



Björn Burscher and Rens Vliegenthart

Automatic Thematic Content Analysis: Finding Frames in the News

Location: UvA, REC C3.02



Damian Trilling and Jeroen Jonkman

Packing and Unpacking the Bag of Words. Introducing a Toolkit for Inductive Automated Frame Analysis

Location: UvA, REC B1.01



Gijs Schumacher, Martijn Schoonvelde, Tanushree Dahiya, Erik de Vries

What are they Talking About? Leaders’ Attention to and Position on the Economic Crisis and the EU.

Location: REC C10.20



Jelle Boumans

Applying ACA to assess news media’s reliance on sources

Wouter van Atteveldt

Corpus analysis, topic modeling, and machine learning using R

Location: REC C2.03



Bastiaan Bruinsma and Kostas Gemenis

Validating Wordscores

Denise Traber

Shifts and Stability in Parties’ Policy Positions: The Case of Immigration Policy in Switzerland

Location: REC C2.03


09/06/06 PhD and MSc presentations

Lisa Sanderink

Harmen van der Veer

Francesca Arcostanzo


Location: REC C2.05




This text analysis workshop series is organized by Martijn Schoonvelde (Political Science VU), Gijs Schumacher (Political Science UvA), and Rens Vliegenthar(ASCOR UvA).

The workshops are supported by the Center for Politics and Communication (polcomm.org) and Access Europe (accesseurope.org).