Collection of party conference speeches

I am collecting conference speeches of Dutch and Danish political parties. At most conferences one or more of the central politicians in the party gives a speech. These speeches contain interesting information about the party’s (new) position and the issues it finds important. Sometimes, the speakers also convey some strategic information (e.g. about who they would like to cooperate with in a coalition, and more often: who not).

Currently about 500 speeches have been collected and are now being transformed into a machine-readable format. The Dutch speeches will become available digitally.

The data collection is part of the Party Congress Research Group – a group of researchers collecting similar data in different countries. Send an email for more info.

Coding of 60+ Dutch election manifestos

In cooperation with the Manifesto Project I am coordinating the coding of some 60 election manifestos of small political parties like the Communist Party Netherlands, Center Democrats, Farmers Party, Pacifist Socialist Party, etc. The Manifesto Project generally codes election manifestos of every party that enters parliament. For the Netherlands this practice only started in 2003, with several smaller parties being left out.

Hopefully, we’ll have coded the data by Spring 2016. This will allow for a much richer description of the development of political parties in the Netherlands and the Dutch party system in general.